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SHOP4CF Second Call

Submission deadline 2022-04-30 23:59:59 (UTC)

The Second Call of SHOP4CF's scope is to establish use-cases that solve real challenges in a manufacturing environment and improve human safety and wellbeing at work. 

These challenges should be focused on supporting humans in their work and improving working conditions by:

  • Automating monotonous laborious work and/or
  • Increasing human productivity and safety with a focus on wellbeing at work

Proposed use-cases based on a set of modular software components (with optional hardware) should have a clear positive impact on human work on a shop floor by considering the following viewpoints:

  • What is the main relevant human-related issue to be solved or improved? 
  • What kind of human-technology interaction does the use-case introduce?
  • Which are the most relevant workers or workers groups that are affected by the use-case implementation?
  • How will the use-case improve the competitive position of the organisation?

Experiences from operations in industrial environments are intended to lead to valuable feedback for the SHOP4CF consortium. Moreover, the call is expected to expand the ecosystem of industrial corporates that will contribute to promoting the SHOP4CF vision by adding new technologies and appealing use cases. 

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