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SHOP4CF Third Call

Submission deadline 2022-10-31 23:59:59 (UTC)

The Third Call of SHOP4CF's scope is to establish use-cases that solve real challenges in a manufacturing environment and improve human safety and wellbeing at work. 

These challenges should be focused on supporting humans in their work and improving working conditions by:

  • Automating monotonous laborious work and/or
  • Increasing human productivity and safety with a focus on wellbeing at work

Proposed use-cases based on a set of modular software components (with optional hardware) should have a clear positive impact on human work on a shop floor by considering the following viewpoints:

  • What is the main relevant human-related issue to be solved or improved? 
  • What kind of human-technology interaction does the use-case introduce?
  • Which are the most relevant workers or workers groups that are affected by the use-case implementation?
  • How will the use-case improve the competitive position of the organisation?

Experiences from operations in industrial environments are intended to lead to valuable feedback for the SHOP4CF consortium. Moreover, the call is expected to expand the ecosystem of industrial corporates that will contribute to promoting the SHOP4CF vision by adding new technologies and appealing use cases. 

Main call details

  • Total Call budget: €1.200.000 
  • Projects to fund: ~12 projects
  • Duration of the projects: eight months
  • Target group: Integrators, manufacturing companies, developers. Applications can be submitted by individuals or teams (at least one must be an SME).
  • Up to 100.000€ budget per experiment (Lump sum, equity-free, max 60.000€ per partner) for covering the personnel expenses, costs of travel (including accommodation) and consumables. 
  • Funding rate:
    - 100% of their direct costs for non-profit institutions
    - 70% of their direct costs for for-profit institutions 
  • Proposals must be tested in a manufacturing environment and show a high degree of feasibility, i.e. it should be possible to implement the solution within eight months fully.

Financial support will not be awarded to individual legal entities that have already received €100.000 via open calls (Financial Support to Third Parties = FSTP = cascade funding) from H2020 I4MS ( and SAE ( projects.


Users from different organisations can edit the application form.

  • The first person completing the application form needs to fill in the Partners Info details, choosing an organisation and a contact person for each partner involved in the proposal. 
  • All other persons listed as contact persons in a Partner details input will receive an e-mail invitation upon creating the proposal. That invitation says a proposal has been submitted with their credentials as a contact person.
  • The invitation contains a link to a simplified account generation, where they would only need to set a password and accept the terms and conditions.
  • If they do so, they will become assigned as a "Contact Person" for that proposal partner and will have access to the application form on the open call platform.

Please consider that the system does not consider a "simultaneous work mode". Please save your work before other proposal partners start working on the application form, so they can see your new input before working on it. 

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